Services of independent assessment of correct application of the Common Safety Method for risk evaluation and assessment and results of the application

Description of the procedure:
Pursuant to the Article 8 of the Law on Rail Traffic Safety (“Official Gazette of the RS” No 41/2018) TOK-KONTROL doo issues to the proposer the safety assessment report, based on which the proposer decides on accepting the significant change. TOK-KONTROL doo carries out the independent assessment of correct application of the CSM for risk evaluation and assessment and the results of the application. The CSM for risk evaluation and assessment is the integral part of the safety management system of the infrastructure manager and the railway undertaking, and is applied in the event of any significant change in the rail system which may have an impact on the rail traffic safety.

Significant changes can be:

  • technical,
  • operational or
  • organisational.

Significant changes refer to:

∙ structural subsystems:

  • infrastructure,
  • energy,
  • control, command and signalling,
  • rolling stock.

∙ functional subsystems:

  • traffic operation and management,
  • maintenance,
  • telematics applications for passenger and freight services.

Proposer of a significant change can be:

  1. an infrastructure manager;
  2. a railway undertaking;
  3. a contracting entity or a manufacturer, when applying for verification of a subsystem, in accordance with the law governing
    the interoperability of the railway;
  4. an applicant for authorization for the placing in service of rolling stock;
  5. an entity in charge of maintenance.

Application for issuance of safety assessment report:

  1. business name, i.e. the name and address of the registered office of the applicant;
  2. a description of the organisation and the experts appointed to carry out the risk assessment process;
  3. the results of the different phases of the risk assessment and a list of all the necessary safety requirements to be fulfilled in order to control the risk to an acceptable level;

The risk management process applied for the assessment of the safety level and the compliance with safety requirements is to be documented by the proposer in the way that all the necessary evidence demonstrating the correct application of the risk management process are available to TOK-KONTROL doo.

Laws and bylaws: