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The scope of business, i.e. the core activity of TOK-KONTROL doo are technical tests and analyses through provision of inspection services based on the designation and the accreditation of TOK-KONTROL doo.

Signali pored pruge

As a designated body TOK-KONTROL doo carries out assessment of conformity and suitability for use of elements of the structural subsystems and verification of the structural subsystems in accordance with the national technical regulations for railways, for the following subsystems:
∙ Infrastructure;
∙ Control, command and signalling - trackside;
∙ Rolling stock – freight wagons

As an accredited body TOK-KONTROL doo carries out independent assessment of correct application of the Common Safety Method for risk evaluation and assessment and the results of the application, in the event of any significant change in the rail system which may have an impact on the rail traffic safety.
– infrastructure;
– energy,
– control, command and signalling,
– rolling stock,
– traffic operation and management,
– maintenance,
– telematics applications for passenger and freight services.

TOK-KONTROL doo carries out all inspection activities in accordance with the standard SRPS ISO/IEC 17020:2012, as inspection body Type A, and, as such, through inspection management, it ensures impartiality and independence, starting from the contracting, engaging personnel for the implementation and during the implementation. The Quality Manual, which presents and sets forth the Quality Policy, defines the management system and practice of TOK-KONTROL doo. The Quality Policy of TOK-KONTROL doo is based on the following:
- Observing user requirements,
- Compliance with the requirements of laws, rules, standards, regulations, adopted
procedures and instructions,
- Knowledge, experience and commitment of engaged personnel who are constantly
- Use of correct and calibrated equipment and measuring instruments,
- Application of regulations and proven inspection procedures.


In performing its activity, TOK-KONTROL doo disposes with respectable human resources with references in the areas of design and construction, production, as well as in the installation and maintenance of equipment and assets.

Organizational structure

The Rulebook on Job Organization and Classification determines the organizational structure, activity of organizational units, titles and description of jobs performed in the organization, specific requirements for executing the determined jobs. Global organizational structure is composed of the following organizational units:

  1. Chief Executive Officer
  2. Inspection Department

Within the Inspection Department, the following job positions are envisaged:

  • Technical Manager
  • Quality System Manager

Subsystem infrastructure:

  • Lead Assessor for the subsystem infrastructure
  • Assessor for the subsystem infrastructure

Subsystem control, command and signalling:

  • Lead Assessor for the subsystem control, command and signalling
  • Assessor for the subsystem control, command and signalling

Subsystem rolling stock:

  • Lead Assessor for the subsystem rolling stock
  • Assessor for the subsystem rolling stock

Subsystem energy:

  • Lead Assessor for the subsystem energy

Complaints and appeals

Complaint or appeal to TOK-KONTROL doo can be filed by the service user, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the Directorate for Railways, an authorized legal representative, etc. who are dissatisfied with the decision made by TOK-KONTROL doo and demand reconsideration thereof.

All appeals, complaints and objections regarding the work, functioning or outcomes of the inspection process must be submitted to TOK-KONTROL doo in writing (by mail, fax, e-mail), in free form or using the form OB-04 (Download) Statement of Complaint/Appeal.

TOK-KONTROL doo shall act upon each appeal or complaint in accordance with the Procedure PR.09 (Download) – Analysis and Improvement of Services.

Credit Rating

TOK-KONTROL doo has been awarded the credit rating А+ for the year 2021 by https://www.companywall.rs/
Certificate serial number CWB-21-31671 (View)