Verification of the railway structural subsystems according to the national technical regulations for railways

Description of the procedure:

Pursuant to the provisions of the Article 17 of the Law on Interoperability of the Rail System (“Official Gazette of the RS”, No 41/18), TOK-KONTROL doo issues the certificate of verification of a subsystem or a part thereof. This procedure implies inspecting and verifying that a subsystem meets the basic requirements and that it is in compliance with the national technical regulations for railways.

During the process, the subsystem is inspected in the following phases:

  • Design engineering;
  • Construction of the subsystem, including, in particular, the construction works, production, assembly of constituents, setting up of the entire subsystem;
  • Final testing of the subsystem.

Application for issuance of the certificate of verification of the structural subsystem contains the following:

  1. business name, i.e. the name and address of the registered office of the applicant;
  2. identification and name of the person authorized to represent the applicant;
  3. name and description of the structural subsystem, requested module/module combination for
    verification of the structural subsystem,
  4. title of the technical regulation on the basis of which the verification is requested, including
    the number of the official journal in which the regulation was published and
  5. initial technical documentation required for the verification of the structural subsystem, to be enclosed to the application.

Structural subsystem verification modules:



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The applicant chooses the module/module combination to be applied for the verification of the structural subsystem.